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Being a wine lover involves more than just sipping it during special events or as a late-night breather. In fact, you cannot call yourself a vino enthusiast if you just happen to have a few expensive bottles lying around. To amplify your experience, you need some simple kitchen accessories that can enhance the taste of your wine. Whether you are a wine lover yourself or know someone who is and want to buy them a thoughtful gift.

Here are 6 of the most common kitchen accessories wine connoisseurs have in their home.

A Beverage Center

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Popping ice cubes in a perfectly good glass of wine is simply a crime! While you may not have any free space in your fridge to chill your wine, using ice to cool it is certainly not the way to go about it. Ice can water down the wine, making it lose its strong taste and aroma. So, how can you chill your wine without diluting it? Well, this is where beverage centers come into play. Beverage centers help ensure that the wine stays at the ideal temperature. Since there are many models on the market, choosing your first beverage center could be tricky. As such, the wide selection you can browse through when you visit can be a great place to start. In addition to their unmatched ability to keep wine aromatic, beverage centers come in a variety of shapes, finishes, and sizes. With these attributes, they can even double up as a decorative kitchen piece.

Bottle Openers

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Standard corkscrews can be especially cumbersome, as they strain your hand. You must have already heard tons of horror stories about people breaking their expensive wine bottles in desperate attempts to pry the cork off! While all corkscrews may look the same, they are not created equal. The high-end ones usually do a much better job of opening wine bottles faster. For this reason, investing in one will be well worth it. In contrast, if corkscrews are not your thing, you can opt for an electric bottle opener instead, since it makes opening vino bottles a breeze.

Wine Glasses

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A novice wine drinker may assume that all wine glasses are the same. Nevertheless, there is a big difference between various glass types. Depending on the wine you are drinking, you have the option to choose from white, burgundy, dessert, and Bordeaux wine glasses. Each glass is more suited to a different wine. For instance, Bordeaux glasses are perfect for heavy red wines while white wine glasses can maintain the aroma of white wine better than other glasses. Furthermore, you should opt for glasses made of crystal, seeing as they are lighter and conserve the rich taste of wine for longer.

A Cooler Stick

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To avoid back-and-forth kitchen trips to refill your glass, you need another option that can help keep your bottle chilled once you take it out of the fridge or beverage center. Cooler sticks can be the best solution for this problem because they allow you to carry your bottle anywhere and keep it cool at the same time. Also, no need to concern yourself over any health hazards; these sticks are made of premium stainless steel that is perfectly safe. Simply put the stick in the freezer for a few hours before taking out your wine bottle.

The Coravin Wine System

Wine connoisseurs know that once you open a bottle, there is no going back—you have to finish the whole bottle to prevent it from going bad. Allowing oxygen to seep into the bottle can ruin the flavor of wine, making it taste harsh and bitter. In that regard, the Coravin is an innovative gadget that helps you extract wine from any bottle without uncorking it. It uses argon to create pressure and suck the amount of wine you need from the bottle through a needle. After you remove the needle, the cork, then reseals itself. How nifty!

A Metal Wine Ager

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For the most part, being a wine collector involves waiting for certain wines to age before actually enjoying them. Because this waiting game can be irksome, why don’t you try maturing your wine faster? With a metal wine age, you can age your wine a few years in just a few seconds. By just putting this metal gadget in your wine bottle, you can age the wine by a year for every second you leave the age in.

There are many great kitchen gadgets that appeal to all wine lovers. From the ones that improve the taste of your wine to those that make storing your bottle a breeze, these gadgets can cater to your every whim. Whether you need an innovative solution to keep your bottles chilled or are simply tired of failing to uncork them, you should definitely give these items a try. Most of them are dirt cheap; that’s what we call a win-win!