Among the corkscrews, the rabbit ones may be the most popular due to their efficiency. There are various models of these, each one offering something new and more efficiency in opening wine bottles. We will now see the best rabbit corkscrews in 2020. 

Street Tribe Rabbit


This one is extremely easy to use and it has an awesome design. It should be also noted that the finish has been done by stainless steel and that galvanized alloy has been used for its production. On the other hand, many people have complained that the durability of the tool is highly dependent on the manner it is being used. 

Metrokane Rabbit Vertical Lever Style Wine Corkscrew with Foil Cutter


The price of this one on Amazon is $36.29 and it is very good since its vertical and the bottle is opened in only 3 seconds. It should be also mentioned that the device has been tested and it can open 20,000 screws without any problem. 

JTTVO Wine Bottle Opener-Rabbit Wine Opener


If you decide to buy this one, you would need to pay $29.67 on Amazon. The corkscrew is made so that it would be perfect in opening bottles fast. Another thing about is the fact that the screw has the lever; which makes opening bottles even easier. 

The EcomYub Wine Opener Rabbit Set

This one belongs into the category of the most affordable ones since its price is $18. It is very durable and the best thing about it is the accessories that it has and that can help in the everyday bottle opening. 

Brookstone Compact Wine Rabbit Opener


The tool is great since it uses a lever which makes opening very easy each opening of a bottle lasts for only 3 seconds. The product can be bought for $38.78. 

HYL Rabbit Wine Bottle Opener

It should be noted that the price for this one starts from $24.99 on Amazon. Also, we should point out that the lever used is completely made of metal, thus making the tool more durable. The corkscrew is entirely made from the aluminum alloy. It overall weight is 0.5kg. 

OPUX Premium Rabbit Wine Opener Set


This entire set can be bought for $29.99 on Amazon. The set contains the rabbit corkscrew opener, aerator, stopper, and a foil cutter. It is very convenient and very easy to use. The weight of the set is 0.54kg. 

GECKOG Rabbit-type Wine Bottle Opener


To begin with, the price of the entire set is $26.53 on Amazon. It should be also noted that the set has several parts, and they are: opener itself, foil cutter, wine stopper and extra spiral. The entire tool has been made from the top-quality materials and the zinc alloy has been used for this. The tool has a 12-month guarantee. 

Handichoice- Rabbit Wine Opener

The price of this one on Amazon starts with $21.50. This is an entire set and it also contains a foil cutter and a replacement corkscrew spiral. 


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