It’s safe to say that social media influencers have infiltrated every domain and area known to man. Whether it be fashion, arts, food, wine, tourism, even how we view and consume the human physique is dictated by social media moguls. They are the inescapable trendsetters seizing every part of our realm. But some of their areas of dominion remain more prevalent than others: wine and food blogging.

Below we will be listing top reasons why food blogging has endured for so many years:

1. Visual Connection

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Food blogging is one of the most ancient and successful practices in the Influencer era. This doesn’t come as much of a surprise, since social media and the food industry intersect at a very special point: visual delivery. We have all heard this phrase at some point: “People eat with their eyes first”. What could be a better place for a visual feast than an Instagram feed?

Other than the great meals that they prepare, they often suggest a suitable wine to go with. You can, therefore, see how to combine different wines with different meals. The next time you are in doubt about whether to go for a white, rose or red wine, you can just visit one of these blogs.

2. The Food Industry and Social Marketing

Influencers who focus on food blogging don’t just benefit from savoring the dish at hand, it’s a reciprocal admiration. The food industry is well-informed about the benefits of having your food promoted. Brands with strong PR teams will indulge in their customers ’ social media/gastronomic addiction, through payment and collaboration.

A large majority of wine cellars contact these people to promote their products. This is a great way for both sides to advertise what they do. Of course, it is up to bloggers to choose which of the brands they like to have in their kitchen!

3. Food Blogging and Instagram

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As mentioned above, Instagram is heaven for food influencers and the food enthusiasts behind the screen equally. On IG everyone can find someone who suits their culinary taste, from raw vegans to versatile youth willing to try every food combination only for the gram.

Here is a list of a few of the Instagram followers you should check out and possibly give them a follow.

Joe Wicks – @thebodycoach

If you are someone who enjoys eating healthy the right way and sees the endless blasphemy and health issues dietary culture permeates, Joe Wicks is your guy. Within just three years, Wicks’s personal training company has led him to a million-dollar book deal, a TV program, and a strong social media presence. He’s one of the few people on social media who don’t promote unhealthy eating tendencies and speaks openly about its fallacies. His myriad of followers loves to see a transparent, real person like him, who’s always ready to share realistic fitness tips and food recommendations. In his own words: “I’m a man on a mission to rescue people from the awful dieting industry. I am sick and tired of people struggling on low-calorie diets and meal replacement shakes.”

Michaela Vais – @elavegan

If you are someone who’s thinking of joining or already is a devoted member of the vegan community, ElaVegan could be the perfect guide for you. It’s safe to say that she lives up to her username; Ela is a well-known proponent of plant-based diets. She also pays attention to her macronutrient intake, for those of you who want to limit their gluten, sugar, or fat intake. Check out her Instagram and you’ll be amazed just how diverse, radiant, and vibrant a healthy vegan diet can be.

Brandon Bala – @tastyideas

Brandon Bala, based in Chicago, has one of the most beautiful arrays of mouth-watering images of food laid out on his IG @tastyideas. The energy between him and Jorge – his partner in crime and food devouring is contagious. It really shows why the food blogging industry is still so relevant. Thankfully, the recipes behind the gorgeous dishes aren’t kept as a secret – they offer very cohesive, short, easy, step-by-step recipe videos on their IGTV

Youtube and Food Blogging

Youtube is one of the oldest social media platforms. People have been uploading a wide variety of content on YT since the mid-2000s. From regular folk uploading random content solely for their own enjoyment to notorious giants like Jake Paul, Trisha Paytas, and drama channels – Youtube has seen it all. It’s obvious that food blogging would flourish on a platform like this, also considering how it shares the visual delivery aspect with Instagram.

Aside from the mega-popular channels like Tasty, Babish Culinary Universe, While We Feast, and superstar chef Gordon Ramsey, there are many up-and-coming food Youtubers expanding their follower count with the help of software like JayNike and many more.
Unlike Instagram, on YouTube, you can find much more about the food itself, the meals, and beverages. Often, the hosts will share useful information as they prepare their meals and tell you the tricks and tips of the trade. While the main focus of these channels is food, you can always open a new tab and visit Wine Folly or WineLibraryTV to complement these.

Andrew Rea – Babish Culinary Universe

Andrew Rea is a part-time filmmaker and a self-taught cook experimenting and recreating recipes featured in the film, video games, TV. Since his first appearance in 2016, he has garnered over 8 million followers on Youtube. Each week, he uploads a new video, the camera focused strictly on his headless torso and experienced fingers, bringing recipes from cult classics to life. Maisie Williams of Game of Thrones appeared in one of his videos where the duo attempted to recreate Direwolf Bread.

Abbey Sharp – Abbey’s Kitchen

Amidst the unrealistic body standard craze, largely encouraged by Influencers all over the platforms, appeared Abbey Sharpe – a registered dietitian willing to dissect every dietary advice given by our inexperienced moguls. Abbey is the founder of Abbey’s kitchen, a “multi-faceted food and nutrition media brand developed with the goal of celebrating the pleasurable eating experience”. She seems like a voice of reason in an era where information (especially related to the way we should consume food) is so easily dictated and spread by people who have zero expertise in the said field. Check out her Youtube to see her debunk long-standing dietary myths.

John David Glaude – Obese to Beast

John is one of the biggest role models for people battling obesity. John Glaude gained recognition for himself by being profoundly open about the challenges and obstacles that come with drastic weight loss. His Youtube channel is dedicated to sharing his weight loss journey with his followers. One of his most touching videos is titled “My Biggest Insecurity”, where he delivers an important message to people who are used to only being fed conventional beauty by the media. He speaks about how even though weight loss has brought him a lot of happiness, it has also left him with loose skin around his arms, stomach, and legs.


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Hopefully, you aren’t hungry after this lengthy and tasteful post. It is time to experiment with one of the new meals you’ve seen here and don’t forget to finish it up with a nice glass of wine!