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Wine cellars are rooms where wines of different caliber and age are placed and stored, after much consideration of the temperature and also the position most suited for the wine. Companies that manufacture wines own these types of cellars to have the wine kept there for ages so that the taste is enriched.

For private houses, there are storing units like these cellars but the ones here are ready for consumption. The type of material that these bottles are stored in also matters for perfecting the taste of the wine. Even the moisture and the ventilation of the room play a significant role.

But after having all of this checked again and again, and having them maintained for years, what if one day, pests attack the wood and everything you’ve worked for has been put to waste in front of your very eyes?

We kid you not, pests can be a major problem. Because most of the cellars are built underground in order to maintain the temperature and places like these with good wood materials are the perfect place for these pests to grow and feed on.

There are certain pests that find wine cellars attractive for barging in. We have provided some information on how to get rid of these nasty pests, but for more detailed eradication procedures, check out our guide from the PestWiki website.


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These vile creatures carry diseases with them wherever they go and affect humans severely. Having even one of these roaches near your wine cellar can cost you your fortune. Wine cellars don’t come cheap and require an exorbitant amount of care and protection. 

Roaches can infect the bottle, although the chances are less that they may consume a few amounts. Plus, the cockroaches are attracted to the moisture in these rooms or if there are any leakages in the bottles, the smell also lures them in. 

In order to avoid these creatures for good, we can use boric acid powder as an effective tool to avoid such creatures entering your homes. Find out if there are any holes in the cellar room and start by closing those holes first. Read more on how to keep these persistent pests away from your home and you wine cellars on sites like PestWiki

Flies and Moths

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Again, temperature plays a pretty big role in attracting flies and moths, the very symbols of disease spreading agents. They are a total mess and can pass on infections easily by just sitting on these bottles. They are harmful to the materials as well. Flies lay eggs at cool places and these wine bottles, with their sweet fragrance as an added bonus, are a perfect place for them to lay their eggs. 

In order to avoid these flies and moths into the cellars, you can find many ways online on sites like PestWiki. For instance, we can employ the use of the fact that they hate the smell of essential oils like lavender and even eucalyptus. So put these oils in a bottle and start putting them all over the cellar room to avoid any type of infestations or dirt to spread into your cellar room. 

Rats and Mice

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The worst enemies of our wine cellars are the vicious rats and mice. With a small touch of their tongue on the bottles, they can just about ruin the entire bottle or even the ones near it.  They are also dangerous and can cause casualties if immediate actions are not taken. Rat fever is described as one of the dangerous diseases in the world.

Even with the best and most secured wine cellars of the world, these rats have damaged and caused destruction in ancient times. If any sort of material gets into contact with these rats, it can pose a huge problem to all the components of the cellar. 

And anything which had contact with rats needs to be thrown in the bin because of the danger it can cause. The pest controlling procedures are also one of the hardest jobs to do. since using any sort of chemicals to avoid rats entering the room is not an option to try and execute as they can cause harmful effects to the environment and by any chance, if the rats are just dead near your wine cellar and then having to decompose such bodies is the next worst thing you want to do. 

Also, if you don’t get to go to your wine cellar for days because of all the chemicals you’ve used, a dead rat may be present in the wine cellar for days, accumulating stench that can reach other pests and invite them over for dinner. Now you have more problems than you had before.

One of the best methods to eradicate these vermins of hell is to use adhesives which makes these rats glue themselves to the surface the moment they come into contact with these adhesives. Through this method, the rat does not die before you catch it, leaving the place clean and causing no mess. It is one of the most productive ways to relieve yourself from rat infestations. 

Another great method is to use a technology that emits ultrasounds. These have frequencies that can are only audible to the rats and they are extremely a big problem and annoying to the rats.

Through the use of ultrasounds, we will be able to lure them away from our precious homes and wine cellar and far away to some other place. But this method can only keep them away. Although this method does not affect any humans or even pets just these pests, it does not ensure that the mice will not return.

You can place them in your cellar room and turn them on to keep sending high-frequency ultrasonic waves that repel all pests away from your cellar room.

Those are just some methods to keep annoying pests from barging into your homes and cellars, and causing as much havoc as they please. Go online and seek help from pest control sites like PestWiki to seek professional help and guides on how to keep you wine cellars neat and clean and most importantly, pest-free.