Whether you like red, white or pink, a nice glass of wine is a true treat. In times past, many homesteaders made their own wine, cider or beer; it was simply part of the harvest. Thanks to modern shipping options, you can now easily get great champagne in Minnesota and Pinot Noir in Connecticut. Studying up on the favorite wines by state may surprise you.

Red is in the Lead

Cabernet sauvignon is one of the most popular wines in the United States. As it pairs well with red meats, it makes sense that this luscious red is popular among those in land-locked regions. Of course, you can also pair a good cab with strong cheese and hearty breads, so it works with a charcuterie platter as well as a filet.

Cuvee is Coming Up Strong


White cuvee is a big winner in Alaska and Hawaii. As this wine pairs very well with seafood, this makes sense. In fact, when reviewing the most popular wines by state (click here), the west coast has a strong affinity with whites in general, including Riesling in Oregon. This wine originated in Germany but the growing conditions of Oregon are ideally suited to Riesling grapes.

Pinks and Reds in the Northeast

If you love lobster in all forms, you won’t be surprised that wine favorites in Maine and Maryland include rosé. This lovely wine is a delicious summer sipper and has enough flavor to fully compliment the butter-intensive seafood products popular in the northeastern United States.

Bordeaux is a big hit in New Jersey and can serve as a red sipper or a terrific pairing for the lush foods of the garden state. From buttery mushrooms to luscious cheeses, Bordeaux will suit.

Like a lot of cold countries, Vermont is keen on sweeter wines. Port, loaded with sweet berry and lush caramel flavors, pairs nicely with Vermont cheddar and the many desserts available from the nuts and syrups native to Vermont.

Sweet Wines in the Southeast


Moscato, loaded with fruity and floral tones, is popular in Louisiana. This pale white wine can also serve as an ideal background for foods with a bit of bite, so a clean sip of Moscato after a spicy meal is an ideal option.

Chardonnay, long a favorite for pairing with a hearty meal built around pork or poultry, holds a special spot in the heart of Kentucky. Cold chardonnay and hot poultry off the grill is a lovely meal to share with friends and family. As the summer months heat up, a gift basket from Hickory Farms containing both an oaked and an unoaked chardonnay can really set the season.

Zinfandel, both red and white, is a big hit in the Peach State of Georgia. Both shades of zinfandel have a strong fruit forward flavor, making it a wonderful choice to pair with barbecue, fried veggies or a lush stew. Consider putting together a bundle of Zin to give as wine gifts.

A Surprise in the Southwest

What pairs well with the Mexican cuisine of the southwest? Shiraz, also called syrah, is a big hit in the land of Tex-Mex and barbecue. This red has a lot of standalone flavor and is an ideal choice to pair with the hearty meat and cheese combos in Arizona, New Mexico and Texas.

No matter your wine favorites, you can find an ideal gift combo to take home or share with family and friends across the country. Add a few specialty cheeses, savory meats and a wine pairing to delight the palate of everyone at the party. Your hostess will appreciate your contribution and everyone can take the edge off their hunger!

Bonus: Health Benefits of Drinking Wine


All wines can be, more or less, good for some overall health. Of course, this doesn’t mean you should drink a lot of wine each day; you won’t become immune to anything in that way. However, drinking a glass of wine every day or at least once every two days can be beneficial for your health. We would like to highlight some of the benefits that will potentially convince you to add this incredible drink to your everyday routine.

But, before we get to the point, there is one crucial thing we need to say. You must not make the excuses and “sometimes drink one more glass”. This could lead to addiction. Instead of that, remain self-disciplined, and drink only ONE glass of wine each day. Of course, if you are celebrating some special moment, then drinking two or three glasses is fine. However, if there is no special reason, one glass is going to be enough, and, at the same time, beneficial for your health. So, let’s get started.

Better Quality of Bones

Well, this may seem strange at first glance. However, did you know that alcohol supports the production of estrogen in our body? This hormone is responsible for control and maintenance of many things in our organism. One of the things it does is slowing down the physical destruction of the bones. Because of that, it can be quite beneficial for older people to consume one glass of wine and ensure the quality of their old bones.

Protects People from Blood-Sugar Problems


There are different researches that confirm that wine can regulate blood sugar. Women that are in premenopausal period have the highest risk to deal with type 2 diabetes. The studies have confirmed that women that drink a glass of wine a day (or one glass in two or three days) will more likely protect themselves from this disease.

Why exactly is this happening? Believe it or not, there are still not clear reasons. However, the studies have also confirmed that wine reduces the insulin resistance. We will have to wait for more answers on why something like that is happening.

Improvement of Memory Capabilities

Believe it or not, drinking a glass of wine each day will improve your memory. One research organized a memory quiz where all the participants were ladies in their 70s. Women that were drinking a glass of wine each day had better memory compared to those that were not drinking wine at all.

You probably, once again, wonder why this is happening. However, this time, we have an explanation. This incredible drink reduces the so-called blood vessel inflammation. Despite that, it also prevents clots inside our organism. These two factors directly influence the cognitive decline, but if you manage to find a way to control them, something like that won’t happen (or it would not happen that quickly).

Final Thought

It doesn’t matter in which state you live exactly. All types of wine can bring all the benefits we just mentioned. As previously said, it is only important to know how to control yourself, and remain self-disciplined. Drink only ONE glass of wine each day, and the mentioned benefits are going to be there to make your life more wonderful and improve your health.