Whether it’s the holiday season or it’s just an ordinary day of the year, everything can be made better with a bottle of wine. But unlike other drinks, such as juice and soda, you can’t just serve wine in just some random drinking glass. Apparently, there is a proper way to serve wine that would make your drinking experience better.

Nearly everyone in the world loves wine. It’s not only because of its taste and sophisticated image but also because of its health benefits backed by numerous studies. It reduces the chance of getting heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, as well as metabolic diseases, to name a few.

But to get the best wine experience, it has to be served the right way. If you think you might be serving your wine wrong, check out these tips and wine facts.

Decanting Wine Makes a Difference

Decanters are not just for holding wine to add sophistication. It actually plays a more vital role in enhancing a wine’s taste. It helps softens up the tannins in the wine that overpowers it. Plus, it reduces the smell of sulfur that some wines have. Thus, your wine will taste and smell better, which improves your drinking experience.

Decanters come in different shapes and sizes. But don’t easily give in to their aesthetics. They come in different styles because they serve different purposes for various types of wines. As the wine experts on this page explain, it can take years of practice to master what they do. Their years of experience result in a unique taste of wine for each decanter you see.

There is a Right Glass for Your Wine

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If you’ll visit a drinkware store, you’ll find that there are different types of glass for wines. It’s so easy to just pick which one looks good. But these wine glasses are designed for different wine varieties. White wines are usually served in glasses with small bowls. This way, their floral aromas are preserved. Glasses with smaller bowls also help express the wine’s acidity more.

There are also different glasses for red wines. If your red wine has floral aromas, use a glass that has a bigger bowl as it collects the aromas better.

Full-bodied red wines with high tannins need a wine glass that has a medium-sized bowl. Its surface area lets the ethanol evaporate while its opening makes its texture smoother.

Those spicy with medium to full body or peppery notes can be placed in a standard red wine glass. This kind of glass softens the spice as its smaller rim allows the flavors to get into your tongue gradually.

Different Wines Require Different Temperatures

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A wine’s temperature also affects its taste. Additionally, some wines have delicate floral aromas that can get affected by the temperature. Because of that, you can’t just store all your wine bottles in a fridge and serve them all ice cold. Red wine should be served slightly below room temperature, between 53°F and 69°F. White wines, on the other hand, would taste better when served fridge cold, from approximately 44°F to 57°F. If you store or serve your wines at 70°F, their ethanol content will evaporate. As a result, they will smell more alcoholic.

Wines Have a Standard Pour

Just because you have a small wine glass doesn’t mean you can just fill it to the brim. Wines also have a standard serving amount.

Some restaurants are generous enough to pour six ounces of wine per serving. It’s actually a nice gesture, especially if you’re paying it by the glass. However, the standard pour should be five ounces for both red and white wines.

For dessert wines, you should only pour two ounces. This because they’re usually meant to be enjoyed like the usual edible dessert.

The Way You Hold Your Glass Is Important

Whether you’re serving or you’re the one who’s drinking the wine, remember how to hold your glass. Wine glasses sure are kind of awkward to handle. The usual drinking glasses we’re used to having even weight from top to bottom. Therefore it’s easier to hold it. But wine glasses have uneven weight and unique design. So, it’s kind of confusing where should you hold it.

It seems logical to hold the glass on its bowl, though. But wine connoisseurs say that the proper way to hold your glass is holding it by the stem. This way, your hands won’t change your wine’s temperature.

You Shouldn’t Keep Your Wine Long After Opening

Some wines can be stored for years but only if they’re unopened. Once you open them, they need to be consumed after a few days, depending on the type of wine that you have.
Usually, wines only last for two to three days if they have low tannins. But some may last for up to five days if it is high in acidity.

Wines sure are expensive. But don’t pressure yourself and chug it all up in just one day. Experts say women should only consume up to one glass of wine per day and two if you’re a man. This way, you can still enjoy its health benefits.

To extend the life of your wines, you can invest in tools that can help preserve them. Depending on the type of wine that you have, you can store it in the fridge too. This will slow down any development to keep it fresh. Or, you can keep it away from direct sunlight or any other source of heat.

Wine Pairing Makes the Experience Better

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Food and wine pairings can also affect one’s wine experience. Pairing dishes with different wines helps enhance the flavors of both the food and drink too.

If you’re unsure which food to pair with your wine, note that reds can be paired with nearly any dinner menu. Light-bodied wines, on the other hand, are best paired with dark meat pork or poultry.

Knowing how to serve wines the right way can make any occasion better. It doesn’t just impress your guests but it can bring out the flavors and aromas of wines too. At the same time, you would be getting your money’s worth when you learn how to properly store and serve wine.