Just think of how many times you didn’t have a corkscrew with you when you had a fine bottle of wine?

We would say that happens often that many people think. This is especially stressful if it happens at celebrations or events when you have a high number of guests to take care of.

Thankfully, there are some alternative ways of opening a bottle of wine. Now, we are going to present you with five alternative ways to open wine without a corkscrew.

1. Use a Knife


You should find yourself a serrated knife. The first thing you should do is removing the wrapping around the cork. After, stick the knife at the edge of the cork, and very carefully, start twisting. You will see that the cork will start to come out slowly.

After it is nearly out of the bottle, remove the knife, and you can remove the cork with your hand. This is probably one of the easiest alternative ways of removing the cork, but have in mind that you need to be careful.

2. What About your Shoe?


Maybe it sounds strange, but you can successfully open a bottle of wine by using your shoe. Naturally, you are not going to take your shoe directly to the cork. You should do the following.

Firstly, you should remove the wrapping located around the cork. After that, put the bottle in your shoe. Then give a few hits to the wall, and watch the cork falls out. After this procedure, you only need to find a glass for yourself and enjoy quality wine.

3. Use a Pump


This sounds crazy, but you can remove the cork from the wine bottle by using a pump. Yes, you heard that right. You just need a bicycle pump. Stick the pump into the cork and start pumping with your foot.

In no time you will see how the cork just pops right out the bottle. It is not only useful, but this way of opening a bottle of wine can be fun.

4. String It


Find any kind of long and skinny metal device, like a screwdriver. Plug it into the cork, and use some kind of rope or string, and tie a strong knot at the end. Pierce the cork to the end with metal, and quickly put it out with a rope.

The only thing you need to worry about is your strength. This method will be successful only if you are strong enough.

5. Open it with a Hammer


Opening a bottle of wine with a hammer, did you ever think about that? Well, your first thought will definitely not be the right one. Instead, you should find a hammer and a screw.

Twist a screw down into the cork, and use the back of the hammer to pull it out together with a cork. This method is much cleaner than one that came to your mind after you heard about a bottle of wine and a hammer.

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