Bon Affair a new name among wine spitzers has an update for its customers. Since they appeared on the market, they accumulated a huge fan base, and their products became very popular in the United States. Now, we will give you an insight into what Bon Affair wants its customers to know about their company.

Shark Tank and Bon Affair


Jayla Siciliano, an entrepreneur responsible for Bon Affair, decided to seek an investment from Shank Tank in exchange for a percent of her company. Shark Tank made a decision to invest $150k in her business in exchange for 35% of the Bon Affair company. As Jayla stated, she presumed that a majority of Shark Tank loves to drink wine and that they care about health.

We can say that the founder of Bon Affair is one of the Americans who think the same way. In her previous job, she had an obligation to visit numerous work-related parties. She didn’t want to experience hangover in the morning, so she drank sparkling water and white wine. That is what inspired her to make Bon Affair wine spritz.

The Story of Bon Affair


Bon Affair is the first wine spitzer which used wine made in California. Also, it consists of electrolytes and sparkling water. Alcohol presents 6.5%, and it has no sugar. However, that doesn’t affect the taste of this fine drink, its taste is still delicious. Jayla calls her product the finest sparkling water ever made. Naturally, before Shark Tank invested, Jayla handed out some samples.

Per glass, Bon Affair has 65 calories. When someone asked Jayla what is the purpose of electrolytes, she said that it prevents headache and hangover in the morning, which proved out to be true. Mark, an employee of Shark Tank was asked if there are any other wine Spritzer in their catalog, and he admitted.

In percentage, wine spitzer is a drink which consists of one-quarter of soda, and three-quarters of white wine. The difference between Bon Affair and regular wine spitzers is that Bon Affair uses wine which is not as sweet as one used for regular ones. It is important to know that wine spitzers were invented in southern France in the fifties. Today, this drink is very popular throughout the world.

When asked what is the targeted audience for her product, she stated that the aim of Bon Affair is to reach people who are drinking wine in order to enjoy themselves in hot temperatures. Currently, Bon Affair products are sold in more than ten Whole Foods throughout California. However, the company aims to reach more regular stores and wine bars.

Jayla stated that Bon Affair sold roughly $11k in all the limited stores they have access to. People from Shark Tank are confident that the sales will grow in the future. We are pretty sure that the popularity of this fine drink will grow. We tested it, it’s great.

Ultimately, Jayla accumulated around $700k from investors and invested $35k of her own money. The projections are saying that the company will reach $2.5 million worth in a very short time. When asked what is the largest wine market in the world, Jayla said “women”. Some of the people said that they don’t agree, but we will see how will this turn out in the end.

As Jayla said, her aim is to reach Costco, a big wine company which purchases wine from small companies like Bon Affair is, for now at least. With support from Shark Tank, it is very likely that Jayla will succeed in her goal of making a big company like Costco.

Bon Affair Update in 2019


Bon Affair continues to grow to this day. However, it is still only available in some shops in California, and several other states. You can find Bon Affair in Florida, New Hampshire, Minnesota, Arkansas, South Dakota, California, Arizona, Maryland, and Texas. Moreover, all the customers from these states gave the drink high reviews.

Bon Affair has two flavors, Sauvignon Blanc and Syrah, which are produced from high-class wine. Also, Bon Affair has a Bon Affair Wine Club, which offers a 15% discount to its members. There are two types of memberships, platinum club, and gold club. Both of them offer a 15% discount, but platinum club members have free shipping.