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Planning a wedding is hard enough without the very daunting chore of buying and choosing wines. Anyone who has gotten married or has planned a wedding knows how choosing the wines can be an overwhelming and very stressful experience.

There are a lot of factors to consider when it comes to deciding on what wine is the best for your wedding. One such consideration is the price of each wine bottle. Some brides spend too much on expensive wines that are not suitable for the event. But for the smart ones, there is one very good strategy used to secure delicious wines at affordable prices using discount coupons and codes. Browse over endless discount coupons for wines, foods, and other items you need for your wedding day! For the best discount coupons, visit CouponLawn.

With the prices of your wine already solved by the discount coupons, you can now focus on choosing the best wine for your wedding day. We know how stressful it is to plan a wedding, so hopefully, this guide can help you figure out which wines would be the best one to serve on the most special day of your life.

Here are the five most important tips to guide you on how to choose the perfect wine for your wedding day!

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TIP #1: FOCUS ON THE MENU AND NOT ON THE DATE OF THE WEDDING. There is a common belief that certain wine must be used for certain seasons. The common assumption made by many is that red wine should be served in weddings in fall or winter, while white wine should be served in weddings held in the spring or summer.

This is wrong because the menu has more influence on the palate of people than the humidity and temperature at the wedding reception. It does not matter whether it is spring, summer, fall, or winter. What really matters is if the wine will taste good if it is paired with the steak.

While this belief has been handed out from one generation to the next, in reality, people choose to drink and eat what tastes good to them. Some people eat ice cream even during the winter season, for instance. So really, when you finally are choosing what wine to serve in your wedding, never forget to always select the one that will best compliment your menu.

The secret in pairing the right wine with the menu is using this one simple rule: wines and dishes that somewhat have similar notes of flavors should be paired together since they will complement each other. So, chicken dishes must always be paired with a glass of red or white wine that has light to medium notes. Fish should be always paired with Greek wines or other wines that are very light. Similarly, seafood always goes well with white wine. Beef and other dark meat are best paired and complemented by strong red wines like Grenache or pinot noir. Bolder white wines like the Burgundy are best reserved for your pork.

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TIP #2: TAKE INTO CONSIDERATION THE TASTE OF YOUR GUESTS. If you can afford more than one type of wine, it is best not to make it too complicated and just pick a right combination of a white, a red, and sparkling wine. This way, you can make your guests choose based on their preferences. For white wines, you may choose between sauvignon blanc or pinot grigio which are both light and refreshing and are quite good to pair with most dishes. Pinot noir is also a nice choice for its crisp and fruity notes. For your sparkling wines, you can never go wrong with a glass of mild champagne or prosecco.

Not everyone is wine snobs. In fact, more likely than not, only a few people among your wedding guests will have a clear understanding of the right pairing of wine and meat. At the end of the day, for most of us, a good glass of wine and your company is enough.

If you will be serving a variety of dishes, which you will most likely do, and only one wine to serve, make sure to select a wine that has a well-balanced taste. A moderate one, which would most likely be enjoyed by everyone would be great.

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TIP #3: ENSURE THE RIGHT WINE TO RULE RATIO. There is a rule of thumb in determining the number of bottles of wine to be served at a wedding. That rule is always to purchase 15% more than the total number of guests who are within the drinking age.

It is simple enough. What you need to do is determine how many people are within the drinking age in your wedding. Then once you get the number, make sure that the ratio is one bottle for every one drinking-age guest. After this, add 15% more bottles as a cushion to avoid running out of wine to be served.
To illustrate how this is done, if in case you have 100 guests, make sure to purchase 100 bottles of wine so everyone is covered. Then to mitigate any possibility of running out of wine, add 15 more bottles. So, in total, for every 100 guests, you should purchase 115 bottles of wine.

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TIP #4: GET RECOMMENDATIONS WHERE TO ORDER THE DRINKS. No, you are not going to buy the wine from your nearest grocery store. There are many suppliers that can provide you with discounted prices and with an even wider array of selections of wines than your regular, street corner grocery.

Your wedding planner would be an excellent person to ask. Usually, event organizers have a list of suppliers for all things like caterers, decorators, and of course wineries. Other than your wedding planner, it is also a very good idea to ask friends who have recently married, more likely than not, they have a list of a few local distributors of wines. They can also provide you with valuable insights into their experience in dealing with certain businesses. The more friends you ask, the more wine distributors you can find. You can easily compare prices and quality of wine and services.

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TIP #5: MAKE SURE TO AVOID FURTHER CONFUSION BY MINIMIZING YOUR CHOICES OF WINES. It is great to have a wide selection of wines to choose from. Problems arise when the selection is too many. The challenge is that in most wineries the variety of wines is huge. This can be quite intimidating and daunting for inexperienced bride and groom. What you want is to narrow down your selection into a few of the best kinds of wines in the store or the winery.

So how exactly can you narrow down the number of choices that you have? You can do this by setting a good set of criteria to pick and eliminate the wine. The criteria that you can use should be the prices and possible discount offers for the brand, pairing with the menu that you prepare, and your personal taste. Using these criteria, you can easily whittle down the number of wines in your selections. After narrowing down the wines, you can use other criteria to choose the kinds of wines you will be ordering for your wedding. You may also discuss with your wedding planner and the distributor of wine for professional advice on which type of wines you should pick.

All in all, these are the five most important tips to help brides and grooms like you in choosing the right kind of wines for their wedding. Hopefully, these tips have alleviated some of your worries on your way to planning the best wedding ever. Just follow these tips and we are sure you would be successful in selecting the best wine for the most special day of your life.