How much are you currently drinking in any 24-hour period? For many people, there are times and points within a day when their energy levels are not as good as they could be.

When someone experiences a drop in their energy levels, it could be for a number of reasons. The most common reason, though, for not having energy is being dehydrated. When you are dehydrated, you will find your body is effectively running on empty.

Getting into the pattern of drinking regularly can be challenging, especially when you have lots of commitments to attend to.

However, once you have adopted a healthier outlook on hydration, it will be easier to get in the levels of hydration your body requires, but just what action does this require?

This guide takes you through what you can do to avoid this, with some fantastic tips on how to up your fluids during the day, including how much you should be drinking.

How Much To Drink Each Day


You must stay in tune with your body to ensure you stay hydrated. When you are in tune with your body, you begin to understand how much you need to drink each day. This can vary, and it can depend on weather conditions too. For example, there may be some days where 6 glasses of water, 2 cups of coffee, and a cold beverage in the evening are enough to keep you hydrated.

However, when the weather heats up, and as summer approaches, you may have to increase your water intake. Flavored water and even sparkling water can help you stay hydrated, and it can add a bit of variety to still drinking water. As a guide, you should be drinking between 6 and 8 glasses of water or other fluid a day.

Drink Options To Keep Your Fluid Levels Up

To boost your energy levels and stay hydrated, you may wish to consume a variety of drinks. Of course, water should always be the go-to option, but try the following to bring excitement to your life and provide you with more energy.

Kick Start the Day by Drinking Coffee


If you do not just want to drink water all day as it lacks excitement, then think about what else you can drink to stay hydrated. For example, can you kick start the day by drinking a cup of coffee?

There are a variety of coffee beans available, including Arabica, and having a good cup of coffee in the morning may push you to carry on drinking throughout the rest of the day. Learning more about coffee by visiting the Coffee Bros and even ordering recommended and reviewed blends will help reignite your passion for coffee and help you stay hydrated.

When you can look forward to a favorite cup of coffee in the morning or throughout the day, drinking water at other times to stay hydrated can feel more manageable. Don’t just rely on drinking coffee, though!

Add Fruit to Your Water

Why not add some fruit to your water to give it some flavor? If you easily get bored by the taste of water, this is a great way to shake it up. Add some crushed ice and a touch of lemon juice, or combine cucumber and strawberries. Some bottles allow you to place the fruit inside an infuser which adds flavor to the water.

Squeeze Some Juice In There

Juice can have a lot of sugar, so moderation is key, but it can be a great way to increase your fluid intake. Have a glass of OJ in the morning with your morning cup of joe or have it mid-morning with a snack and enjoy a refreshing drink. If you can make your own juice that has no sugar in it, then even better!

How Do You Avoid Dehydration?


The best way to avoid dehydration is to drink regularly. This can be difficult when you are busy and on the go, but it is essential. If you are one of those people that forgets to drink or struggles to drink enough, try these hacks:

Have Helpful Reminders Throughout the Day

You can easily set a reminder on your phone to have a drink at key points in the day. Or, you may want to have a water bottle that you fill at the start of each day. If you can try and team up with a friend or family member, encourage each other to stay hydrated. Send each other messages or reminders throughout the day.

Keeping a Log or Diary

When you are rushing around, it can be easy to lose track of what you have drank throughout the day. You can often realize too late in the day that you have not drunk enough.

To stop this from happening, you may want to keep a log or diary. A physical log or diary, or even one that is kept on your phone, can help you boost those hydration levels. When you commit to keeping a log or diary, you can monitor your progress throughout the day and throughout the week.

Improve Your Knowledge and Awareness


When you bolster your awareness of what ingredients or additives are in certain drinks and brands, you can then begin to plan out what you will consume each day, ensuring you get a happy and sustainable balance.

Improving your knowledge of and awareness of the drinks that are available will allow you to make an informed choice and ensure you are consuming drinks that are not helping to keep you hydrated. A glass of wine may be a fluid, but it won’t count towards your daily intake to avoid dehydration.

A Healthier Lifestyle

Adopting a healthier lifestyle is going to benefit you in many ways, but it is particularly good when you want to make sure you are drinking more. A healthier lifestyle that is centered around good hydration and good nutrition will be beneficial for both your body and your mind.

When you begin the process of adopting (and sustaining) a healthier lifestyle, you will find that you naturally gravitate towards drinking more and staying hydrated. As part of a healthier lifestyle, you may find that you are exercising or working out more. When this happens, you are going to need to drink more to replace the fluids you have lost through sweating. Don’t forget this – on days like this, you will be drinking a lot more.