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In the world where overweight people are pretty common due to bad-quality food and lack of movement, one of the primary tasks for any person is to lose their weight. Besides the overall looks, this is pretty important for health reasons. Thankfully, there are some persons that don’t like to have more kilograms or pounds that they really need.

Plus, today’s medicine came up with a high number of treatments and preventions that you lead to the ultimate weight loss. You can choose from a plethora of methods in terms of diet, medicine, or psychical activity. But, did you know that drinking wine can affect your diet? We didn’t think so. So, let us bring this topic a bit closer to you.

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Recently, USDA released a report which tells of how drinking an average 5-ounce glass of wine will provide you with between 11 and 14 alcohol percentage. So, the final calculation is that you will ingest around 120 calories. Sadly, you will not be certain of how much you will have per glass. The reason is that only a small number of manufacturers display nutritional information on their products.

But, looking at it even without this information, you can see that the final result will be much bigger than you thought. We were as surprised as you when we read this information.

Thankfully, there is one way you can see how much calories you are inserting into your body per glass. One gram of alcohol has seven calories. So, the higher the level of alcohol in the wine you are drinking, the more calories you are going to have in your body.

What About Combining Wine and a Healthy Diet?

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As we said, you can try different types of methods when it comes to losing some weight. For example, you can opt for taking some medicine that will help with getting your weight at the right amount. You can try pills called PhenQ, they are pretty effective. If you are more interested in this topic, you can take a look at

However, you can opt for a solution where you can both drink wine and maintain good looks and your weight at the right amount.

According to some studies, drinking wine after lunch can have a plethora of benefits, especially at lower risks of getting type 2 diabetes and it can improve your heart health. To know this, you don’t need any study to tell you this. If you have ever been to Italy, you would see that local people enjoy their traditional Mediterranean cuisine while drinking wine in the process. These people usually look very healthy, don’t they?

Mediterranean cuisine mainly consists of vegetables, olive oil, high-fat dairy, red meat, fruits, and processed foods.

The key to having a healthy amount of weight, you should be sure to have a good amount of movement throughout the day. When it comes to wine, it only depends on your lifestyle. If you are trying hard to stay healthy and fit, there is so little damage drinking wine can do to you.