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Wine and coffee are quite different drinks in their properties, but they can be combined with great success. Some connoisseurs of alcohol see an exceptional piquancy in this unusual taste. Generally, bars do not serve such drinks. But you can make coffee wine yourself, and feel the unexplored combinations of tastes. Most likely, having tasted coffee on wine once, everyone will love these wonderful drinks.

Coffee wine

The name comes from France: they call it “cafe au vin”. This is not exactly a solution of the two components, but a complete and noteworthy cocktail. In this article, we will share the experience of experienced connoisseurs of how to correctly combine coffee and wine.
A single, familiar name for everyone for such a simple drink has not yet been invented. Perhaps because the connection is rather unusual, and there are not so many amateurs. In any case, if someone is impressed by tasting everything unusual and finding new shades of taste, then it is worth trying such a cocktail.

Which coffee to choose

According to legend, once in the Arab countries, the wine was prepared from the pulp of coffee berries, until they managed to brew coffee beans. For cooking, we need exactly the grains. The presence or absence of caffeine is irrelevant. The main indicator is the maximum aroma. Also on this site you can find more useful information

Therefore, coffee experts from MyFriendsCoffee claim that coffee beans will be the best choice to use. In the worst case, a small amount of Robusta admixture (Coffea Сanephora). On the same basis, it is not advised to use the usual instant coffee when making wine. Almost all of its types are made from robusta.

  • The coffee should be medium roast and medium ground.
  • Natural additives can be used to enhance and diversify the smell and taste.
  • If the fourth part of coffee is replaced with good cocoa, then the wine will acquire a delicious chocolate shade.

Recipe 1

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To make wine at home from coffee, we need:

  • ground coffee – 2 tsp;
  • Sherry – 30 ml;
  • pounded orange peel – 5 teaspoons;
  • cinnamon – a pinch;
  • water – a glass;
  • sugar – individually.

Steps of adhesion

  • We will brew black coffee in any utensil: Turk, a coffee maker, a saucepan, and so on.
    add sugar and set aside to cool;
  • When the coffee has cooled down, add the remaining ingredients of the recipe;
    beat all this mixture well in a blender;
  • We pour it into glasses, we are nicely surprised ourselves and surprise others with unusual sensations.
  • We are sure that coffee with wine will provide an opportunity to discover new taste features of the life-giving drink.

Recipe 2

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Due to the fact that coffee lacks acids necessary for normal fermentation, they are added to the wort to artificially enhance fermentation. Fermentation in future wine will take place, not at the expense of coffee beans, but at the expense of sugar, so it is preferable to use the variety that is recommended in the recipe. The yeast for Sauternes wines, of course, should be special – wine. For other types, you can use universal yeast.

Ingredients of the recipe:

  • freshly ground arabica – 220 gr.;
  • dark sugar – 1100 gr.;
  • lemon – 1.5 tsp;
  • tannin – on the tip of a knife;
  • water – 3.5 liters;
  • spices – 1 tsp each;
  • yeast booster – 1 tsp;
  • wine yeast – according to the annotation.

Step by step cooking

First, you need to boil the water. We take a volumetric container so that the coffee does not “run away”, leaving terrible brown stains on the stove washed only yesterday;

  • add sugar and, stirring, cook the syrup;
  • add coffee, wait until it boils, and remove from the stove;
  • add spices and cover with a lid;
  • cool the syrup solution to 30 degrees;
  • at this time, while the syrup cools, pour the yeast into warm sweet water and stir;
  • place in a warm place until the yeast “rises”;
  • we filter through a thick strainer, thereby getting rid of the coffee grounds;
  • add the remaining ingredients and mix well;
  • pour in the prepared yeast and mix thoroughly again;
  • pour the prepared mash into a vessel for primary fermentation;
  • we place the shutter on the neck of the vessel and place it in a dark place. The room temperature during fermentation should be between 20-25 degrees.

Primary aging lasts approximately ten days. The duration of primary fermentation is influenced by two factors:

Bottled wine should be allowed to rest for at least 6 months. If you have the patience to hold it longer, then it is better to do so. After the final completion of all procedures, you can safely invite friends “for coffee”.

Classic drinks Wine + Coffee

Hot coffee with wine is the preferred drink in the cold season. Alcohol added to coffee needs to be heated. If you want to add a little, then you can pour without heating. In a freshly brewed drink, it will reveal its taste and cool it down a little. Then you can safely drink without scalding, and savoring the drink. Many people use spices, citrus fruits, honey, and other condiments.

Iced coffee with wine is the drink that the French adore. They cook it with a lot of spices and citrus fruits. In France, coffee is brewed very strongly, and then the cocktail is cooled with ice. The taste comes out juicy, colorful, and refreshing. This is something that is irreplaceable in the hot summertime. If someone has not tried such cocktails yet, then you need to start with the cold version.

Cappuccino with port

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One of the combinations that amaze and surprise. Someone – with a wild imagination, ventured to experiment and combined two revered drinks. I realized that this was madness, but the result was above all: extremely tasty.

The light port is poured into milk and whipped in a mixer. Then it’s as easy as shelling pears, espresso, ice, and froth of amazing and wonderful wine milk, which you should definitely try.

Ice coffee and Chardonnay

Lemon sour taste. Fans of slightly acidic shades will definitely love this cocktail.
A simple recipe:

  • coffee and ice;
  • sugar – at the discretion of everyone;
  • Chardonnay – from two spoons to a hefty serving. Here, for an amateur.

It should be noted that some manufacturers of Chardonnay produce it semi-sweet. But you need to use – dry. An extremely life-giving cocktail.

Espresso with Cabernet

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This unusual combination was chosen by Friends Fun Wine. Produced on an industrial scale, but they use decaf coffee. At home, you can make a simple coffee or espresso yourself.
Pour in a couple of tablespoons and just taste.
The cocktail is endowed with the taste of Cabernet grapes, espresso, and a light aftertaste of chocolate.

Hot coffee with wine

Many of the base mixes described above can be served hot. In this case, you need to add a little alcohol, it will be perfectly perceived anyway and will give off a pungent aroma.
The wine can be warmed up. Boil – in no case.