Has your favorite throw pillow been splashed with red wine? Is it worth getting upset, shedding tears, or is it possible to remove red and white wine stains from different fabrics without a trace? Let’s try to figure it out! What means will be in this case the most effective and affordable?

Why are red wine stains so persistent?

Traces from spilled red wine to remove from clothes is difficult, and all because the stains are formed from the penetration into the fibers of fabrics pigments, anthocyanins, which are responsible for the persistent red color of the drink.

How to wash a red wine stain without a trace? In order to remove this pigment without leaving a trace, it is necessary to actively act on the resulting stain with various soluble substances.

What are the ways to remove fresh red wine stains on fabrics?


If you have just spilled red wine on a tablecloth, clothes, or your favorite custom pillow from AllAboutVibe brand, you need to immediately pour white wine or strong alcoholic transparent drink heated to room temperature. Ethyl alcohol will be able to actively attack the pigments, removing them without a trace.

Another proven way to remove wine from clothes is to cover the stain with a thick layer of iodized or ordinary rock salt, it perfectly absorbs moisture and does not allow the pigments to be absorbed into the fabric fibers. Then pour boiling water over the stain, soak it for a few hours and wash it with detergent.

Can I wash red wine with lemon or grapefruit juice? Experienced housewives advise a good “soak” with a napkin excess liquid, and then fill the stain with citric acid or citrus juice.

If the fabric is denser in structure, you can fill it with laundry detergent, and after a few minutes, rinse it thoroughly in running water. Here’s how to launder red wine from more compacted materials.

After using all these methods, the fabric should be well washed, if possible using bleaching components.

How do I remove red wine stains on light-colored clothing?


Stains on light-colored clothes are the hardest to remove, so what to do if you spilled red wine on your favorite white blouse? Hydrogen peroxide is the best way to help you and you won’t be left with a trace of the stain.

You can also treat a red wine stain with a cotton swab moistened with ammonia alcohol, then wash the thing in warm water with powder or laundry light soap.

How to wash wine on white? For this, it is advisable to use household stain removers, which will be gentle to the structure of the fabric, and with proper application will make your blouse even better and cleaner.

How do I remove old red wine stains from various fabrics?


If wine stains have not been soaked in various products for 6 hours, it will be much harder to remove them. It is even more difficult to “fight” with year-old red wine stains, in which case all methods may be ineffective. How to scrub an old red wine stain if the pigments have already penetrated the fabric?

How to wash wine from fabric — working methods!

  • You can take a solution of citric acid in a large quantity, apply it thoroughly to the stain, then cover it with powder and keep it for several hours.
  • What else can be used to wash red wine? You can advise washing powder, but it can be kept on fabrics no longer than 2-3 minutes, so as not to get more trouble. This product is best used on sturdy fabrics, which can withstand the aggressive effects of a strong chemical.
  • Another proven way to remove red wine from clothes is to fill the stain with sodium hydrosulfite powder, a minute later moisten the fabric with a hydrogen peroxide solution, and then wash the material with a weak solution of ordinary vinegar.
  • The Spaniards use white wine, then pour on light-colored stains, then a little mineral water and that’s it!

Such methods will be fine for linen and cotton products, but delicate fabrics, wool, and synthetics are better to give to the dry cleaner.

How do I get wine out of my jeans?


How to wash wine from jeans without damaging the material? The following plan of action:

It is best to start eliminating the stains immediately after they are formed;

handwashing with pre-soaking in a powder or detergent (dishwashing balsam, etc.) will be most effective.

Here’s how to wash wine on jeans quickly and efficiently, without using expensive stain removers and other chemicals.


Now you know perfectly well what to wash red wine from clothes? The main thing to remember is that before using any of the above methods, it is necessary to blot the dirty place with a piece of paper or tissue, in order to remove the excess liquid, which has not yet penetrated into the fabric.

The clothes are best washed by hand or in a machine with cold water. Only patience and work will help you save any fabric from getting dirty. Follow the above methods and wear your favorite things for a long, long time!

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