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The love between men and wine has been growing for ages and it turned into a culture of its own, in a way. Wine connoisseurs around the world have this one passion that drives them forward and that passion has been groomed carefully for years. They learned, researched, upgraded themselves and their knowledge to become what they are now.
One thing is important to know, a real wine lover isn’t something to be born in, it is rather something you learn and acquire a taste for. So if you are worried that you can’t be one, for any particular reason then you are wrong. Love, time, and a little money are all you need to invest to become one of these people.

Most of us have seen the private collections that wine lovers have, we also saw their special places for keeping wine as well as their wine productions and aging place if they are into that as well. We all saw a huge investment to perfectly enjoy a bottle of wine with your significant other or your friends. But is that the case? To your great pleasure, it isn’t. There are few things you need to know and get in order if you want at least a piece of what wine lovers have. For some interior rearrangement or improvement check out Kitchen Cabinet Depot, and for wine storage tips and tricks check out the rest of this article. Let’s get started!

Storage place/space

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What most of us, that are just starting in the world of wine lovers, very often do while deciding where to leave your bottles of wine is buying one of those cheap wine racks that can be found in any big supermarket. You know what I am thinking about. Those that stack up the bottles in the pyramid fashion and which we all leave sitting on a kitchen counter, or a shelf, or even a refrigerator. Now if you didn’t know already this is a big no-no in a wine world. You have to take care of several factors that influence the quality and look of the wine. You have to take into consideration that it is an agricultural food product that is made out of organic plant material and that fact by itself demands a certain storage fashion.

Stable temperatures

Now when storing wine bottles you have to consider the temperature of the place where these bottles will reside. There shouldn’t be huge temperature swings because it will impact the quality and the taste of your wine. It is always preferable to store your wine somewhere where it is cooler than warmer, and if there are some temperature wings they shouldn’t be more than 10 degrees up or down. This is why a cellar is always a good option but if there I no way of having one then look for appropriate space in your home or apartment that meets most of these conditions.

No vibrations

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This is one thing that surprised us more than it will you. Vibrations? How? What? Vibrations are bad for wine, especially for the red one, where the vibration over time causes particles in wine to separate and fall to the bottom of the bottle. This means you have to look out for noisy A/C units, refrigerators, heaters,s or any other object that can cause this type of spoilage of the wine. This also means that you should avoid laundry rooms where your washing and drying machines reside. You will have a lot of heat and vibrations, both bad in their way.

Less light as possible

Light is another thing that can kill your wine. Even though it is in a closed bottle usually with darker tone glass (mostly for red wines) ultraviolet light can get in and destroy organic materials in a wine. There is also one more thing that adds to the disaster here and it is heated from the sun that will cook your wine in a glass vessel. This is why you should always avoid those bottles that are sitting in the front window of any store being hit by the sun better half of the day if you want to have good, quality wine for you or your friends.

Bottle placement

If you are thinking about buying a wine-rack, cabinet or refrigerator keep in mind that different types of wines and bottles demand different ways of storage. If you didn’t know bottles with corks in them need to be stored sideways to keep the cork always moist so it could complete its primary function and it is not allowing air inside. Bottles with ordinary caps can be stood upright and are usually much easier to store with the added benefit of having more space for those with storage limitations.


Humidity is another important thing for a bottle of good wine, but it is also a factor that is very difficult to control. Humidity is supposed to keep the top of your cork humid to help it do its purpose, we already mentioned. According to consumers the ideal number for humidity is around 70% and this number can be, at least closely, achieved by storing your wines in your basement, cellar, or even a crawlspace in your home.

The best of all worlds

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Now, this final tip is considered a step up that should be taken when you get acquainted with wines and you graduate up. Wine refrigerators are something that offers the best of all these tips and tricks. You get nice hi-tech storage space that can be placed anywhere in your home. It controls all factors important for a good bottle of wine like the amount of light, temperature, and humidity. So you get all bases covered in a small, or big depending on your taste and your pocket depth, refrigerator which will allow you to relax and not overthink and worry about everything. All you have to do is invite some company, open the wine fridge doors and take out a bottle of perfectly achieved serving temperature and enjoy.

We are aware that these are a bit pricey, which is why this is your last step towards a wine lover world, but we also have a piece of information for you. There are online shops that sell these types of equipment that offer huge discounts on units that are refurbished, dented, scratched. This means you can have one of these very cheaply if you aren’t too anal about a little exterior defect.

In conclusion, we must say that being a wine connoisseur and wine lover isn’t easy to be. But if you have a strong wish and will, use these tips and tricks and ease your road into this culture. Every passion doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive, you just have to have a little imagination and be willing to experiment. It is also a part of this passion so why not try it?!