Have you ever stood in front of the wine aisle and felt that, although there are hundreds of bottles clamoring for your attention, you are unable to choose one? How will you find out which of these bottles will be the best match for you? With a dozen of available options, you may always get confused about whether to buy your favorite bottle or just go with a new choice this time. Do not worry! In this article, we will help you pick the correct bottle.

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Let us go over a few tips that make choosing a bottle of wine easy for you. Picking a bottle is extremely difficult when you are a novice in this subject. If you want to understand the world of wine, keep reading.

The Packaging Mantra Behind Bottling Liquid


What makes a wine bottle look attractive to you? Is it the brand or the packaging? Well, many say that when they find the packaging appealing, they end up buying that option. Traditionally, fine wines were the ones packed in glass containers and were kept intact in the bottle with the help of a natural cork.

Nowadays, plastic bottles are also no longer viewed as a low-quality choice, and manufacturers have started to bottle their wine in plastic bottles. Considering the rise in demand for glass bottles and the forecasted shortage of the availability of natural corks have resulted in the rise of using plastic bottles.

Advantages of Glass Bottles Over Plastic Bottles


There is a reason why alcohol is stored in glass bottles. It is because they add to the taste of the wine. Though plastic bottles are affordable and are nowadays in trend, you should know that it imparts a flavor of its own, into the liquid that is poured in it. Thus, plastic bottles often ruin the taste of wine. Not only plastic, but glass is also preferred over stainless steel, aluminum, or any other bottle.

There is another significant reason why alcohol should only be stored and packed in glass bottles. It was around five years ago when the scientists and also the Food and Drug Administration started issuing warnings regarding the presence of bisphenol-A in plastic. This chemical is popularly used as BPA and is found in containers or any other product made of plastic, and is also used in linings of several metal vessels.

Warnings were then issued to avoid using plastic bottles and containers that have BPA, especially when feeding infants. This motivated several parents and they stopped using plastic bottles for themselves as well.

On the contrary, glass is manufactured naturally using eco-friendly materials. The primary product used to manufacture glass is sand, and it doesn’t degrade over time as well. Moreover, the material glass lasts longer than the other materials used.

Also, Glass containers manufacturers for food and beverages do not leach chemicals, and can also be used to hold things other than just water. Moreover, glass bottles are easy to clean in dishwashers and safe to store liquids of all kinds. You will also know when they are cleaned enough, and when not.

Though there is a drawback, that glass is easily breakable, you need not worry. To store alcohol, you can choose to shop for bottles made of high-quality glass that is durable.

The Importance of Glass Color for Wine


Glass containers are available in a variety of colors. The glass material is usually available in shades of brown, green, or clear transparent bottles. When packing wine you should not overlook the importance of the glass color. It is one of the most important factors that you must take into account.

You need to pick a color that has good aesthetics and goes well with your brand logo. Considering only a single factor is not enough to conclude. Also, you need to answer one more question, whether or not you want to showcase the color of the wine from outside the bottle.

Every winemaker aspires to stand out among its competitors and hence after considering all the possible factors they make a decision. Each winemaker uses a customized and unique design. You are also required to decide how you can balance your priorities among, tradition, marketing, wine integrity, and a full-proof combination of the best practices in each area.

In general, most of the wine bottles are green in color and there is a lot of belief behind it. People usually attest to the beauty that green bottles hold, but besides the aesthetics, there are several other reasons behind picking green.

One of the primary reasons behind picking green bottles to store wine is to prevent the liquid from getting oxidized. Oxidation is one of the common problems faced with wine that ruins its taste. However, a little bit of oxygen is good for wine, since it enables the flavors to enhance further in the liquid. However, too much of anything is not good, and so is the case with oxygen. When the liquid gets in contact with too much oxygen it starts getting dull and eventually loses its integrity.

Oxidized wine doesn’t taste good and makes the wine taste like vinegar. That being said, if your wine tastes like vinegar, you now know the reason behind it.


The wine may lose its quality if it stays stored in a plastic container for several days, probably more than 12 months. To ensure fine wine, we recommend storing it in quality glass bottles. You will get a variety of choices available and can easily pick one for yourself.

Green-colored Glass bottles used with cork to prevent your wine from getting oxidized are the most preferred packaging type. Make sure to go through the points mentioned above before finalizing any option.