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When wines are not properly cared for and well-preserved, a chemical reaction called oxidation occurs. This deteriorates the alcohol’s quality that ultimately destroys both the fragrance and taste.

But luckily for the lovers of this beverage, multiple preservation procedures and gadgets are available that maintain the freshness of an opened alcohol bottle.

Generally, there are three ways that you can follow for wine preservation, and also to make the process simpler; there is also the availability of a few electronic gadgets.

The long-established method:

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The gadgets that are available for alcohol preservation nowadays are invented not more than a few years back. In the earlier days, people preserved the majority of the opened beer bottles inside the underground wine cellar.

The place was maintained at a temperature of about 55degree Fahrenheit or 13degree Celsius. It was obligatory to keep a minimal level of oxygen inside the beer bottle. Henceforth, the least amount of space was left while pouring the remnant alcohol in the tiny bottle to avoid oxidation.

Visit for more details regarding this process. Several wineries in the European country to date implements this technique. If this process is accurately followed, it can keep the alcohol fresh for at least one week.

But, some testing does not agree with this and claims it to remain fresh only for 3 days. Besides being a natural process, you can even use the half-empty bottles, thereby proving it to be a cost-efficient tactic.

Albeit, you can pour the alcohol into the little containers as it can get easily exposed to the air. So, to be on the safer side, drink the alcohol prior to 3 days.

Stopper-based vacuum/ pump

This specialized gadget-based process is considered to be the best-known effective way for the preservation of beers. The amount of oxygen decides the freshness level of the beer.
For extracting oxygen from the alcohol bottle, a vacuum pump is required so that the freshness can last for a long period of time. Unlike the long-established process of alcohol preservation, you do not have to pour the excess wine into another bottle.

Therefore, the freshness will stay for a longer time. Although, some say that during the process, the alcohol loses some of its aromas. It is an easily affordable process, as you need to bear the cost of a normal vacuum pump that has two stoppers.

Cartridge method

The cartridge system, also known as the inert gas method, is quite different from the other two processes. In this process, a noble gas is sprinkled into the left out space of the container. A protective coating is formed over the alcohol. Now, to reap the container, a cork is put inside.

Among all the noble gases, it is preferred to opt for argon. The effectivity of the beer gets highly enhanced. This method allows you to enjoy the wine for at least 3 to 5 days.
As inert gases do not have any smell, so the taste and fragrance of the remnant wine do not get affected. As normal noble gas can be put to use for at least a hundred times per sprays, the process becomes cost-efficient too.

Make Use of Savino carafe to cover the alcohol

There exists a glass float in the Savino carafe that covers the top of the wine. Also, it acts as a layer that can separate oxygen and beer. It always feels aesthetic to drink alcohol contained in a glass.

It is an easy and effective wine preservation mechanism. The durability and the locking lid make it perfect for consuming fresh wine at any place. The freshness stays at least for one week. As the patented technology is incorporated, it eliminates the need for extra things like vacuum pumps, gasses, and any corks.

The automatic sealing and unsealing of the alcohol add an extra layer of deliciousness. These are generally 10.5 inches tall and weigh about 2.5 pounds. Thus, it fits in almost all refrigerators and has the capacity to hold about 750ml wine.


Once you have removed the cap of a wine container, use WiKeeps to incorporate noble gas into the bottle besides squeezing out the liquor. Hence, the portion of alcohol that you wish to consume gets exposed to the air.

This method is generally more effective in preserving opened beer bottles and also retains the wine’s freshness for about one week. The unique design allows the container to stand still straight while extracting the alcohol from it. Thus, it acts gently on the mature wines.
The watertight corks will permit you to eliminate the emergence of long-serving sprouts and also make it easy to store.


This exceptional wine preservation mechanism allows you to ooze out the beer from the bottle, even without opening the cork. All that you require is a needle that you can insert into the alcohol container. The drink is sprayed out, and the inert argon gas is injected.
As the leftover wine inside the bottle never gets exposed to oxygen, the bottle of wine can be preserved for months. Coravin has developed a screw cap accessory that allows people to seal the bottles and preserve it for at least three months.

Eurocrave SoWine Machine

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This gadget requires the least manual efforts as compared to the others. You only need to place an open alcohol container inside the Eurocrave machine and click on the top lever download. It will itself get the oxygen extracted from the bottle.

Select the type of wine that you would like to preserve and the device that will help in the preservation of the bottle of alcohol at the best possible temperature, preventing the alcohol from getting uncovered to the oxygen. So, for the preparation of mature wines, this machine can be put to use.


Before choosing any gadget for wine preservation, figure out the amount of time you need to have it. Your needs and desire play here the key role behind choosing a gadget or considering a method.

Try to understand that the preservation processes and gadgets can only maintain the freshness of the liquor. But, you also need a perfect place and a favorable temperature for the preservation of the wine bottle.