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Wine is best enjoyed when savored slowly to recognize the flavors of each of its layers. For beginners, it is best to begin a wine-drinking journey with sweet wine that has a low alcohol content. For wine-lovers who are seasoned in swirling, smelling, and drinking various types of wine, perhaps the only thing that will enhance their experience has the necessary wine accessories. In line with this, below are some of the things that every wine lover should include in their must-haves.

Wine Cellar

Wine lovers tend to have a collection of wine bottles that they love. It is important to store these properly to ensure that the flavor of the wine is preserved and maintained. According to the wine lovers behind, a rapid deterioration of wine quality can be caused by exposure to temperatures that are either too high or variable. Intense light and vibration can likewise affect the quality of the wine. This is the reason why a wine cellar is one of the essential must-haves of every wine lover. With a dedicated wine cellar, you will have a storage area that offers a dark and cool environment for your bottles.

Wine Glasses

Another must-have for every wine-lover is a set of wine glasses that presents the full quality of the wine. In this case, you should only go for high-quality wine glasses which are characterized by a thin wall, as well as a straight cut lip that paves the way for the wine to gently fall into your tongue. Cheaper wine glasses tend to have a rounded over the lip. In parallel to this, do take note also that the volume of the glass should be within a reasonable proportion to the intensity and complexity of the wine. Its style should also be balanced to allow you to pleasantly swirl your wine around.

Types of Wine Glasses

There are several types of wine glasses, but these are often classified according to the kind of wine that it holds. More often than not, these glasses are made from crystal or glass material, depending on its lead content. Crystal wine glasses do a great job in enhancing the aroma of the wine, while those made from glass are considered more durable.

Red Wine Glasses

Red wine glasses often feature a full, round bowl with a large opening that allows you to dip your nose to detect the aroma of the wine. The full bowl increases the oxidation rate that smooths out the complex flavors of the wine. Some of the most common red wine glasses include the burgundy wine glass, Pinot Noir glass, Bordeaux glass, Cabernet Sauvignon glass, as well as the standard red wine glass.

White Wine Glasses

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White wine glasses have a more u-shaped bowl, which is more noticeably upright and smaller compared to a red wine glass. This shape maintains the cool temperature of the wine while enhancing its aroma. Among the most common white wine glasses include the Sauvignon Blanc glass, Montrachet glass, chardonnay wine glass, as well as the Riesling sweet and standard sweet wine glass.

Dessert Wine Glasses

Dessert wine glasses are often smaller because of the high alcohol content that dessert wines possess. These glasses also tend to direct the wine to the back of the mouth to allow for the sweet taste to be detected. The two most common dessert wine glasses include the port wine glass as well as the sherry wine glass.

Sparkling Wine and Champagne Glasses

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Sparkling wine and champagne glasses are characterized by an upright and narrow bowl that is intended to maintain carbonation and flavor. The three types of these wine glasses include the flute wine glass, the tulip wine glass, as well as the vintage and coupe glass.

Rose Wine Glasses

A flared lip rose glass is perfect for a young, crisp rose that directs the wine first to the tip of the tongue where its sweetness is detected. On the other hand, a slight taper rose glass is perfect for full-bodied, mature rose wine. With a short bowl that is rounded at the bottom, the wine is directed at the back of the mouth, where its full flavor can be appreciated.


To ensure that you don’t encounter any issues in opening a bottle of wine, you must have a handy corkscrew. While this is quite indispensable, it is also not commonly found as part of the essential tools in the kitchen. No, you don’t need a high-end corkscrew to do the job of opening a bottle of wine because a straightforward lever corkscrew, or what is sometimes referred to as a waiter’s friend, proves to be sufficient. This lever corkscrew will be able to bore into the cork because of its open spiral shape, tackling a firmly lodged cork at the mouth of the bottle.


A carafe is more than a visually pleasing addition to your tableware. Rather, it is crucial to ensure that you get the best taste for your wine, specifically for high-quality red wines. Red wine needs to undergo decanting or being poured first into a carafe to stimulate oxygenation, making the wine more rounded and ripe. Oxygenation is also beneficial for wines that taste a bit dull or fusty even shortly after being opened. This can be attributed to the fact that during the process, astringent tannins are softened.

On the other hand, oxygenation also paves the way for disruptive elements from an aged wine to evaporate. In addition to this, a carafe can retain the sediment of red wines that are already aged. Nevertheless, white wines also benefit from being allowed to breathe through decanting.

To wrap things up, the things mentioned above are only some of the essentials that you should own as a wine lover. You can explore various other accessories or create a suitable environment to further enhance your wine drinking experience. The key is to keep wine drinking a fun activity to make the most out of it. This means that you should drink in moderation to be able to appreciate the savory taste of wine in your palate.