The Chinese New Year marks the start of the new lunar year and every year it falls at the end of January or the beginning of February. It lasts around two weeks, and every time during these days there are so many amazing things that are done, and traditions that are followed. No matter where you are from, and no matter how much knowledge you have on this topic, you are probably mesmerized by everything that is related to this period. In this article, we are going to talk about the festive part, and we will list some of the most popular Chinese New Year drinks that you need to try. These beverages will help you understand the tradition better, and no matter where you are located, you will feel like a part of the celebration.



This is the most popular beverage in the Chinese region, and even though it is most commonly connected to the mainland, it is still enjoyed all around the country. This is a form of white wine, and it is a beverage that is not for people who are not accustomed to stronger drinks. It is pretty potent and fiery, and even though there are several types of Baijiu that you can find depending on the exact location in the country, they are all pretty strong.

This drink is usually sold in either ceramic or glass bottles, and the difference between drinking this type of wine and every other one, Baijiu is taken most commonly in shot glasses. Many people who have tried this drink suggest that it is pretty similar to vodka when it comes to how potent it is, so if you choose to try it, you should be cautious.


Tusu is another type of wine that is usually drunk for the lunar celebration, and it is said that it has been a part of this culture for thousands of years.

There is an interesting legend that is connected to this beverage, and it is said that a long time ago, there was a man who asked all of his neighbors to give him ingredients and herbs that have medicinal properties. They all this and the man put all of the ingredients in one bag. Later on, he put that bag into water and let it soak. They all drank this water mixed with herbs on New Year and everyone felt like all of their health issues had gone away.

The legend continues by saying that this beverage, today is known as Tusu is something that could cure even the worst diseases. This beverage is drunk first by the youngest person in the family, and then everyone else follows, drinking in order from the youngest to the oldest. Compared to other types of drinks that are first blessed and drunk by the oldest person in the family, Tusu is something that is given to the young ones first.

There are many legends that not only Chinese people believe in, and depending on the upcoming lunar year, it is said that people born in different years will have more fortune than others. As you can see on this website, 2024 is going to be the year of the tiger, and people who are born in that year are said to be strong-minded, brave, and ready to face any given challenge.



Many people believe that during these celebration days, only alcoholic drinks are consumed, but this is actually not the case. It is said that when you visit your relatives and friends, you will be offered with tea, and this is customarily done after New Year’s Day.

There are different types of tea that you may be presented with, but the most commonly served ones include oolong, puer, and green tea. They are the best thing that you can drink after days of eating fatty and greasy food, and they will help you feel better without experiencing stomach issues.

In addition to this, these beverages are the best cure for hangovers, and no matter how much you partied in the previous days when you consume some type of tea, you will feel refreshed and hydrated.



The last beverage we are going to talk about is Jiao. This, once again, is a type of wine that is consumed during the lunar celebration days, and it is a form of Baijiu. The difference between this and the other type of wine we mentioned before, is that Jiao is made by combining Baijiu with cypress tree leaves and flowers of the famous Sichuan peppers.

This wine is said to be the combination of all the other beverages and traditions, and here, the youngest members of the family are presented with the beverage first, and then the older ones drink it. It is used to bless the family with happiness and prosperity, and it is said that those people who have it for the lunar celebration will be happy and healthy throughout the whole year.

Other beverages

Even though these are some of the most popular drinks that are consumed around the lunar year celebration, in China, beer is extremely popular as well. There are different types of beers that are drunk, and every one of them has a different legend connected to it.

Depending on the place you are from, or the ethnicity that you are visiting, you may be presented with horse milk wine, butter tea, or even Xinjiang yogurt. Every beverage has a specific taste that almost everyone says it’s amazing, and that is something that you need to try at least once in your life.

There are a lot of traditions that are connected to these beverages, and when you choose to feast with these drinks, you need to pay attention to what you combine them with, how you serve them, and in which order they are drunk. It is pretty common to play drinking games with them as well, but make sure that you are not taking anything that is too strong for you. The year of the tiger is said to bring strength and prosperity to the world, so make sure that you are properly prepared on February first when the new lunar year starts.