Have you been looking for ways to improve your bar at home but are unsure what you can do to make it better? At the end of the day, you want your bar to be both accessible and professional looking. Here are some home bar investments that are totally worth it and will make your bar the talk of the neighborhood.

A Wine Dispenser


Any good home bar is going to have its fair share of wines. Where a lot of home bars go wrong though is that they are not stored properly, and can even end up spoiling as a result, so the experts at recommend storing your wine bottles in a wine dispenser as they will help to preserve the wine and ensure that the flavors stay strong. How do wine dispensers help? Wine has to be stored at the right temperature to ensure that it stays fresh. A room that is either too cold or too warm will damage the wine and hurt the flavors inside.

These wine dispensers do more than just store the wine. When you connect the bottles to the dispenser, it will pour it into your glass, making the process that much easier. Are you having a party and several of your guests want different bottles of wine? Normally, opening up multiple bottles at the same time is not recommended as wine loses its freshness once it has been opened and left to sit around.

These dispensers can preserve an open bottle of wine for up to 30 days and allow people to choose whatever wine bottle they want. Finally, wine dispensers come with a code lock as well, ensuring that your wine is kept safe. Wine dispensers are not only convenient for storing and serving wine, but they also will greatly increase the overall presentation of your home bar.

Add Seating

Is your bar large enough for people to sit around it? Look to add a stool or two to it to increase the ambiance. This way guests can hang out right by the bar with you as you mix their drink. It can turn your bar area into one of the top hangout spots in the house. If you have the space for it, getting seating added to the bar is a great investment.

A Draft Beer Tap


While wine dispensers are great for pouring wine to your guests, you might want something that is a little easier to drink but is still fresh. Installing a beer tap in your bar is another great investment that not only will improve the aesthetic of your bar, but also improve the quality of your drinks. When it comes to beer, nothing beats a nice cold glass straight from the tap. Get yourself a keg and put it under the bar and connect the tap to it. Now you can enjoy the same great beer that you would enjoy at your favorite pub but in the comfort of your own home.

Mixing Tools

Do you have the right tools to prepare a martini for yourself? Even getting yourself a simple shaker cup is a step in the right direction towards preparing delicious drinks for you and your family. Once you have gotten the hang of the mixer, look to add other tools to the bar. It will show people that you are serious about your drinks and that you can make a good cocktail as well. Having these tools is essential for any home bar enthusiast.

A Shelf for Bottles


Finally, you will want a shelf where you can store all of your bottles of whiskey and vodka. For the classiest and best look, install a shelving unit to the wall and make sure it can support all of your bottles. With a good shelving unit, you can show off your entire collection to whoever is there, and have everything within arms reach when it comes time to prepare a drink. A good shelving unit will also give you an excuse to get out there and buy a few more bottles for the bar. If your bar has room, why not fill that shelf up.

These are all great home bar investments that are totally worth it. The last thing you need now is some bottles to actually display. If you have the money, treat yourself and buy a few more expensive bottles. No home bar is complete without an expensive bottle or two, or a bottle that has a great story attached to it. A great home bar will create many future memories and will also improve the value of your home. How do you plan on upgrading your bar?