The degustation and drinking of wine have been present in humanity for centuries, and for all that time people like to keep their good wine and then use it. In the modern era, people have started to use wine racks abundantly and they have become the integral parts of interior designs. There are numerous kinds of those, and we will try to list the most nicely designed ones.

1. J.K. Adams Ash Modular Wine Rack


This is actually made like a kind of a wooden structure where wine is put into the cells. This wine rack can be bought on Amazon for 40 USD. It should be also said that it has a lot of storage capacity since 40 bottles can be placed there.

If you want even more space, you can upgrade it and the capacity then is for 200 bottles. The price for the rack then increases to 666 USD.

2. Pinetti Wine Rack


This one is perfect for all those who like peculiar design since it seems here as if the bottles are cut in half since only their necks and bottoms can be seen. This one can be bought at Harlequin Illusions and its rice is 295 USD.

It should be said that the rack is made from the finest wood. Another great thing about this rack is the fact that each and every piece is handmade and it is made in Virginia, the USA.

3. Rectangle Marble/Wood Wine Rack from Threshold


The price for this one is 24.99 USD at Target. It should be said that the rack does not have a huge capacity since it can be used for storing only three bottles. It can be made either from wooden or marble materials. If you need to store more bottles, this may not be an ideal solution for you.

4. Clear Wine Rack


This cark can be bought for 39.95 USD at CB2. It should be said that it is very elegant since it is all transparent due to the fact that it is made from glass entirely. Do not worry, it can hold even if full with bottles.

5. Gold Wine Rack


This one is made from gold alloys and it is used for the storage of 11 bottles. The most interesting thing about it is the peculiar net-like design that is used for the storage of bottles. It should be also mentioned that you can place it in two ways, first of all, it can be horizontal or vertical, depending on your preferences. The price of it is 49.95 USD.

6. Herringbone Gold Wine Rack

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The price for this one on CB2 is 69.95 USD and it has a bit of a peculiar design that can be even made larger depending on the preferences of the people having it. it can be used to store 14 bottles and it has a kind of containers, metal ones, for holding wine.

7. Iron Stackable Wine Rack


The most standard version since it has three shelves where you can place bottles without any compartments or similar. It is very simply designed and can be fitted in any design. Its price goes from 29.99 USD.

8. Founder’s Wine Storage Box


This one is getting more and more popular and is widely used nowadays. It is perfect for having 12 bottles there. It is priced at 89 USD in Pottery Barn.

9. Pine Wine Rack


This one is perfect for holding 44 bottles of wine and is ideal for larger spaces. It is completely made from wood. The price of it is 99 USD.

10. Houdini Wine Rack


Priced at 15 USD, this one has the most peculiar design ever. The entire capacity of the rack is for 48 bottles.

11. Pulse 6 Be Table Top Wine Rack


As it is said, it is good for 6 bottles and it is priced at 33 USD. It has a very interesting design and is completely made of metal.

12. Tack Storage Wine Rack


The price for it is 98 USD and it is perfect for all those who love rustic design and tradition.

13. Wood Wine Rack


It is used for storing 24 bottles and its price is 299.9, a bit pricey in comparison to others. However, it needs to be said that it is completely made from top quality wood.


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