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The result of creating a home wine bar is the emotional roller coaster in enhancing your social engagements and improving your social bonding with friends and family. Even for non-alcoholics, it is essential for you to have something for your guests and friends whenever they come visiting. Moreover, a home wine bar gives you the perfect setting during those cozy nights and the festivities. An appropriate arrangement and the right placement is all you need for your home wine bar to exude the much-touted elegance. 

Make an effort to know some of the prerequisites such as the wine bar tools of the trade, you can also arm yourself with a bartender guide book to learn the secrets to making the best cocktail. More importantly check on sites like, for tips on some of the best wine pourers. Having said that, here are some of the essential things you will need in creating your wine bar at home:

Bar chart

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For your home wine bar, select the best furnishing and make a great dedicated area for mixing the drinks. Such a bar chart will provide a comfortable feel for your guests, and they can easily walk in to make their drinks, whenever they feel the need. Make an effort to ensure that your bar chart is neat and well organized, creating an aura of self-entitlement.

The console table

To avoid any expenses in purchasing a new design console table, which might be very costly. You can easily transform a sideboard into a bar by placing it strategically on top of your coffee table. But ensure you have enough space for lamps and some slight decorations.

The Subtle Tray

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Do you have a bookcase or bookshelf at your home? Bingo! Then you have the right place to put your subtle tray. Try arranging sprints and glasses in categories, by putting them on separate parts of the shelf. Alternatively, if you do not have a bookshelf, you can place the tray in a small piece of furniture within your sitting room; for instance, you can find a strategically placed stool and use it instead. 

Once you have set up your subtle tray, please give it some ambiance by leveraging on art and decor to surround the area where your subtle tray is placed. This ambiance makes your bartender tools a bit more invisible and less likely to be the center of focus when people are in your home.


Learn about the ideals of mixology to help you build your craft, the more you make new drinks, the better you expand your collection with time. Some of the common mixes are soda water, ginger beer, fresh juice. For your home wine bar cocktails, you can create a collection of tonic water and sprite, tomato and pineapple juice

Apart from that, you can also experiment with other equally essential mixes such as Vermont, Campari, and Cointreau. Other fundamental spirits that can serve you right when making different classic cocktails include Martini, Margarita, and Manhattan. If you can create such mixes, you will have transformed your bar from a mere highball to a top-notch bar.       


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Lemons and lime are the best in creating tasty recipes. Also, in your arsenal, ensure you have sugar cubes and even fine sugar. You can also make a decision to add mint and basil plants to your collection of garnishes to increase the taste of your cocktail.


The value of ice cannot be overemphasized to your home wine bar. It plays a critical role in making your drinks have the best feel. It would be best if you stored ice cubes in freezer bags so that they do not catch unwanted aromas, that might distort the taste of your cocktail  

Crucial Bar Tools

Some tools are a must-have in your home wine bar, but simplicity is a factor that you have to maintain at all times when deciding on the bar tools purchases. Some of the tools include:

  • Soda siphon- it is essential for making ginger beer and soda water
  • Cocktail shaker set- will prove necessary when whipping up up mixed drinks. When purchased it comes alongside a recipe guide, to help you when mixing the drinks
  • Paring knife- when testing your mixology skills, you might need a paring knife and a chopping board to cut lemons and limes. The paring knife will be your trusted assistant when experimenting with spirits and garnishes.
  • Open corkscrew- It is the most underestimated tool for your home wine bar. Despite being overlooked, it is essential when you are serving the drinks and may shield you from embarrassment and frustrations. A tool that knows its trade quickly extracts and discards bottle tops from your drinks.

Essential Glassware

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Nothing completes a good cocktail than a perfect holding glass; you can consider the highball or the lowball types. Moreover, there are other types of glasses you might go for as well, including:

  • The whiskey glass- most whiskey glasses are great pieces of art. Some of the designs are such that when savoring the drink, your nose is placed at a strategic angle.
  • The cocktail tumbler- helps in whipping mixed drinks like gin and tonic.

Compulsory Reading Books for Bartenders

The home wine bar is only as good as your cocktails, akin to investing in sufuria without any particular need to cook. So, it is prudent to acquire books that provide you with valuable insights as you experiment with different cocktails. The BarTender blackbelt has over 2500 recipes on cocktails alone and is referred to as the gold standard in cocktail recipes.

Consequently, The Bartender Guide by Jerry Thomas is arguably the first real cocktail book ever written. It is one of the most famous books which can be a valuable addition to your home library, especially for your home wine bar. You might also be fascinated by other assortments such as Julep and Fizz. Another traditional, contemporary option you can consider is David Woodrich, a tribute called imbibe, which contains almost a thousand classic cocktails.   


The most essential things, to keep in your arsenal when setting up your wine bar at home include the bartender guide book, Glassware, Barc harts, the console table, a subtle tray, mixers, garnishes, ice, and bar tools. With these, you will be pretty close to having the best wine bar, and even more a masterclass in your bartending skills.