Wine openers have been in usage for centuries and they have always had one purpose: to open a bottle of wine more easily. During the course of history, the number of the types of those and materials they have been made from has changed and constantly developed and increased.

When the modern era arrived and when modern technologies became an integral part of our lives it was only a matter of time when this would have an impact on the design of wine openers. Nowadays, there are numerous types and kinds of electric wine openers along with the regular ones and many people ask themselves which ones should be bought and which ones are the best. 

1. Electric Wine Openers 


When these are in question, many people point out one thing which is the most important for them and that is the fact that these extremely easy to use without any harm. There is not any need to put it in the right direction or to have the right type of leverage of pulling out the cork.

The only thing needed here is to just place the device above the cork, keep it in level and the device itself would do the job for you in a couple of seconds.

Many people have also noticed that these are also great since they do not make the corks crumble and thus leave parts of them in wine which happens when the regular wine openers are in a case.

Here, there is not any chance that you would break a cork and that a part of it will finish in wine. On the other hand, as all devices running on electricity, you simply cannot use these without access to electric power.

So if you go on a picnic, you cannot bring those. On top of all this, some of these need some supplemental elements without which they do not function properly, so you would need to buy these as well. 

2. Regular Wine Openers


When these ones are in question, many people simply point out the fact that they are traditional and that when people use them they enjoy the mere process of it.

Furthermore, there are so many types of these that you would simply find the one which fits your needs the best. The best thing of all here is the fact that their mechanisms are much more stable than the ones used in the electric wine openers and that these wine openers do not need electric power to be used.

You can take and use them whenever and wherever you want. On the other hand, some people have pointed out that greater physical power is needed when these ones are in question and there is also a great possibility that the cork would break and finish into a bottle or that some parts of it would crumble and again finish into a bottle. It should be also mentioned that these are usually cheaper than the previous ones. 


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