Wine is a drink which goes with almost everything and can be enjoyed on every occasion. In order to consume it, you’ll need a vessel. However, when it comes to determining which glass is best to use, it can be a very challenging task.

So, we decided to list all types of wine glasses you should know about, as well as, everything you need to know about a wine glass.

Different Parts of a Wine Glass

Before discussing the different types of wine glasses there are, let’s take a closer look at the different parts of a wine glass and what is their purpose. Every wine glass has a base, a stem, a bowl, and a rim. The bowl and its size and shape affect how the aromas of the wine are released.

So, every time before sipping wine, make sure you pour wine to roughly one-third of the bowl’s height and swirl it to release the aromas. Large glasses are perfect for red wines as they can aerate and oxidize the wine to let the complex flavors breathe.

On the other hand, narrow wine glasses are perfect for white wine as they preserve the flavor and prevent oxidation. The narrowest wine glasses, also known as champagne flutes, are ideal for champagne as they keep the bubbles.


Types of Wine Glasses

1. White


A glass with a narrow bowl is perfect for white wines, such as Pinot Grigio, Sauvignon Blanc, and Riesling. White wines require glasses with a narrow bowl and a narrow opening because too much air will compromise the light, bright flavors. Such glass also keeps the white wine chilled and it reduces acidic notes.

2. Cabernet


Cabernet glasses are characteristic of their large bowl and tall stem and are often used as universal red wine glasses. The large bowl is essential as it gives the wine more surface area to breathe and oxidize.

Consequently, the wine natural aromas are released and the flavor is enhanced. Moreover, the shape of the glass directs the wine to the center of the palate, which reduces the effects of tannins.

3. Bordeaux


Bordeaux glasses are tall and allow you to maximize the surface area of the wine which is exposed to air when you swirl the liquid up the edge of the glass. As Bordeaux wine is made from thicker-skinned grapes, it’s recommended to always swirl it before consuming it.

Moreover, the shape of these glasses reduces the effects of tannins and concentrates the wine to the back of the tongue.

4. Pinot Noir


The Pinot Noir glasses feature a large bowl which allows a release of the wine’s subtle and delicate aromas. The wine is exposed to oxygen due to the large surface area and the aromas are trapped in the glass thanks to the distinctive shape. This glass concentrates the wine to the front of the mouth so you can feel the sweet flavors.

5. Burgundy


The fishbowl shape of a Burgundy glass traps the aromas and balances the intensity of the wine. You don’ need to swirl the wine as it is produced from thin-skinned grapes. These glasses have a narrow rim which reduces acidity and concentrates the wine to the center of the palate.

6. Zinfandel


The Zinfandel glass features a small opening which directs the wine to your palate so you can feel the fruit and spice flavors. The narrow opening also moderates the taste and smell of ethanol found in Zinfandel varieties and reduces the mouth-drying effects.

7. Chardonnay


Thanks to the large bowl of a Chardonnay glass, the wine is exposed to air which reveals plenty of tastes and it balances the oaky notes. The shape of the glasses directs the wine across the palate and points out the layers of flavor.

8. Champagne


The glass of sparkling wine has to preserve the bubbles and the fizzy effect. Hence, it comes with a narrow bowl and smaller mouth and it’s recommended for bubbly wines, including Prosecco, Champagne, and Cava. This shape of glasses keeps the wine cool and limits oxidation.

9. Rosé


The Rosé glass features a wide hip and narrow opening, which points out the fruity and floral notes of the wine. Moreover, these glasses allow you to make a proper swirl and release all aromas but keep them trapped in the glass.

10. Port


Port glasses or dessert wine glasses are quite tiny due to the higher alcohol content of the Port wine. These glasses also have a diminutive stature, which allows your hand to heat the glass and release the aromas of the wine.


Now that you know what type of glass you need for every wine you have to also consider the material of the vessel. Wine glasses can be made of crystal, acrylic, hand-made glass or machine-made glass.

The crystal glasses are thinner, durable and they enhance the tasting experience. The acrylic glasses are affordable, dishwasher-safe, and a very stylish choice. The handmade glasses, or mouthblown glasses, are more expensive and provide a unique wine-drinking experience, while the machine-made glasses are more casual and less expensive.

Nevertheless, what kind of glass material you will choose depends mainly on your personal preferences.

Additional Wine Tools and Accessories You Should Have

Besides wine glasses, which are essential, there are several wine tools and accessories you should have for the ultimate wine drinking and serving experience. Thus, you will also need a decanter, which will allow a slow opening of the wine. You will also need an aerator, which accelerates the oxidation process as you serve the red wine.

Moreover, a wine thermometer is highly recommended as it helps you achieve the right temperature for releasing the aromas. Note that white and rosé wines are best served at 50 to 60 degrees, sparkling wines at 40 to 50 degrees, while red wines are best served at 60 to 70 degrees.


Additionally, you can also get a wine cooler, which will help you keep the wine at a proper temperature when you bring it to the table. A wine cooler will also reduce condensation. However, if a certain wine variety is best served at cold temperatures, you can also use an ice bucket.

Last but not least, you will also benefit from a wine stopper, which will help you save the wine for later. The wine stopper creates a vacuum seal, which slows down the oxidation process. So, you can even keep the wine for even a whole week and its aromas will still be preserved.


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